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Extremely quick start guide

  • Download and unpack the ZIP archive.
  • Upload the contents of the unpacked archive to your server.
  • Finished!! (For a more in-depth treatment, we advise the getting started guide).

System requirements

  • A web server* that supports PHP5, MySQL5 and FTP.
  • A modern web browser (Firefox, Chrome, Explorer, Opera or Safari).
  • An FTP program (FireFTP, FileZilla, WinSCP or Total Commander).

(*The web server is usually provided by a hosting company. If you want to run a web server at home to test your website offline, we would advise XAMPP.)

Older versions

We advise you to document any alterations you make to the system files of your own RenovatioCMS installation in detail. This makes upgrading the system to a newer version a lot easier. You can find the RenovatioCMS version number by browsing to your welcome page or by viewing the source code of your files.

RVVersion_001.100.zip927 KBZIP Archive2011-07-20 13:08
RVVersion_001.095.zip884 KBZIP Archive2011-06-09 12:34
RVVersion_001.092.zip622 KBZIP Archive2011-03-27 18:27
RVVersion_001.091.zip611 KBZIP Archive2011-02-28 14:07
RVVersion_001.090.zip611 KBZIP Archive2011-02-11 20:36
RVVersion_001.081.zip584 KBZIP Archive2010-11-29 20:55
RVVersion_001.080.zip584 KBZIP Archive2010-11-16 01:10
RVVersion_001.079.zip603 KBZIP Archive2010-07-16 17:27
RVVersion_001.078.zip589 KBZIP Archive2010-03-05 02:31
RVVersion_001.060.zip650 KBZIP Archive2009-09-24 03:39

2011-10-20 17:35

Title: CMS
URL: http://www.renovatiocms.com/?RVGET_document=CMS
Modified: 2011-10-20 17:35
Author: Super admin
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V 001.110: 2011-10-18 V 001.100: 2011-07-20 V 001.095: 2011-06-09 V 001.092: 2011-03-27 V 001.091: 2011-02-28